ShowTime App on Xbox One

By Gavin | June 20, 2019

Today we're going to look at Showtime on Xbox one, now this is a subscription-based app you have to pay for. It's about ten ninety-nine a month, but I'm trying it out for seven days. We're going to just take a look of what you get, just turn that light off and shouldn't take too long to load up, and then we'll show you get to live channels, and we'll look into that first up.


East and west live channels

The two live channels are good, you get east and west, they're the channels I assume you just click on them to play, and then if you go down you can look what's going to be on later through the day that's on the east. To go to the west you just go over there, and that's the West now.

If you click on it it will automatically play the video. Right now it won't be live but you can watch it on demand. Since I've shown you that now on the home page it will just show you recommended titles to watch. I'll just show recommended, and then if you want to look at all movies you can just hit all movies.

That's an easy way to access, and you got your action, so you can look at all your action movies, and when you click on it you can read about it, you can add it or get more information, and I'll tell you when it was released and what Radian it is and how many minutes it will go for.

Different show for different demand

I'm plushy, we will show you more, you can get a sport, it's going to be a little sport, so if you want to watch boxing just go over to the boxing, and then click that and then obviously hit play or add. It's quite a lot of cool things to muck within this app, now if you hit coming soon this will show you everything that's going to be coming soon.


As you see I'll be showing you and basically that's all it's coming soon, currently, that's basically it now showing. If you go to comedies norther just stand-up comedy's, they're not actually comedy movies. Keep that in mind don't go the comedy section, if you don't want to watch stand-up comedy's you have to go to movies, then you're going to want to go to comedies just like that.

I even got a family documentary sci-fi romance and much more, and it'll basically just show you the titles of what's there, but if you want to see all the movies that they have to offer just go to all movies, and that way you can watch every single movie on Showtime.

What you have access

There's a fair bit bar, it's not great. What do you get it's not great for money, but if you want to have a lot of movies and a lot of TVs shows Netflix probably is better value for money, because this is 1099, but you do get to like channels, so that's one positive to live channels you'll get, but if you don't really like watching live TV that really need it, what should I'm getting this?

That's basically all wanted to make a video on what you have access to. You have access to comedy, sport, heaps of movies, and you can always search titles up to, depending on if you're trying to find something. 

Try the free trial and see if you need the service

So try out the seven-day free trial, that way you can definitely know if you want to keep the service. In my opinion, it's not worth really keeping because you don't really get that much content, now gives you a lot more content, especially more movies.

Now if you're wanting new movies you're going to need to really subscribe to Showtime HBO now and the stars are Network. There's a lot of different subscriptions you need to get the new movie stuff, you're wanting to get the new movies, that's what you're going to have to do or you can just wait for them to come to Netflix or your cable box.

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